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The importance of selecting the right valve

Valves are more than a device for turning on and off flow. Designs must keep in step with industrial progress and the ever increasing number of fluids. The development in valve design has given engineers a variety of valve types to choose from. It's a case of carefully matching up the service requirements with the design characteristics of the valve, taking into consideration the medium to be handled, the working pressure, temperature, cost and installation.

Our extensively trained sales engineers are dedicated to helping you select the right valve for your application.

Stockists and suppliers

We supply and stock Braemar — STG products, ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves and pressure-reducing valves.

What we manufacture

We manufacture John Valves, Dreadnought Steam Valves and Line Strainers. Give us a call to learn more about what we carry.

Specialists in the manufacture, supply and reconditioning of valves

Experts in your service

We provide a superior service because our staff is uniquely trained and qualified to give you the best advice and workmanship. Ensure that you’re installing proper valves for your system by giving us a call.
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